Next up at Ignite: The Hostage June 10-26

Our final show of the season takes you inside a bawdy Irish brothel filled to the brim with patriotic Irish men and women during a time of political unrest. While we never meet the young man sentenced to die in a Belfast prison, we certainly hear about him as the whole house laments his fate. When a young English soldier is captured and held hostage at the brothel, we learn even more about the colorful cast of young and old misfits who find themselves making due together in this house of ill-repute. ┬áBrendan Behan’s tragic comedy may have first been seen in 1958, but many of the themes still ring true wherever you find combat today.

The Hostage runs June 10-26 at Ignite. Performances are Friday/Saturday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm. Tickets at the door are $15. Advanced tickets can be purchased here for $10-$14, and there are several volunteers spots available.

The Hostage Cast: (more…)

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