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Announcing the cast of Ignite!'s Lux Radio Theatre’s 1944 "Casablanca"

Join the cast of Casablanca on the Marrakesh Express. Nazi spies! The Resistance! A love triangle!

Join us at Rick’s Café on October 18,

19, and 20, 2019.

The Cast

Announcer – Christopher Lamb

DeMille – George Morrison

Renault – Dan Griffith

Strasser – Tom Sanderson

Lazlo – Dan Nailen

Ilsa – Julie Berghammer

Rick – Alex Barclay

Sam – Jonathan Barnes

Ugarte – Dean Bethmann

Madame Ferrari – Michèle Lamb

Commercials Ensemble

Haley Baggins

Hazel Bean

Christopher Lamb

Directed by Pam Kingsley

Produced by Nan Guerry

On-Set Stage Manager - Tom Sanderson


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