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Auditions for "Fireflies" by Matthew Barber

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Auditions will consist of cold readings of selected scenes from the script.

From the novel Eleanor and Abel by Annette Sanford.

Retired schoolteacher Eleanor Bannister lives a quiet life alone in tiny Groverdell, Texas, set in her routines and secure in her position as the town’s most respected woman, until a hole in her roof draws the attention of Abel Brown, a smooth-talking drifter intent on renovating Eleanor’s house, and possibly her life. Can the unexpected sparks of late-life romance be trusted, or is there truth in the gossip that Abel isn’t all that he seems to be? Either way, the whole town is talking.

Suggested audience: Adults

Cautions: None

Cast of characters and descriptions:

2 men, 2 women

Eleanor Bannister: 70s - retired school teacher and Groverdell, Texas' most respected woman. Well-dressed and gracious, she lives alone in the family home she has lived in since she was born. After her busy life as an educator, she enjoys gardening and doing things around her home.

Grace Bodell: 70s - close friend of Eleanor, she is casual but polished, without pretension. She speaks her mind to Eleanor and Eleanor does likewise to her. They have a great affection for one another, having known each other most of their lives.

Able Brown: 65-75 - a handyman and drifter who has stopped in Groverdell to see if he can do some odd jobs. He dresses in jeans and plaid shirts, with work boots. He sees himself as a musician and a gentleman.

Eugene Claymire: 30-40 - the town's police officer who wears his uniform well, has an easy laugh and is unflappable. He is a former student of Eleanor, of whom he is fond and respectful.


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