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Spotlight August 19

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


Actor, director and computer science guy, SCOTT DOUGHTY has 200 theatre credits to his name. BUT, “My first career ambition was to be a comic book artist,” he says. “My favorite was (and is to this day) Superman. I used to dream about being the official lead artist for Superman.” So, how does all that fit in with his work as the character Clive in See How They Run? “It’s the technical challenge. Door-slamming speed farce is my absolute favorite style,” Scott says. “As an actor in this type of play, you’ve got do everything you would do in a traditional drama, but at break-neck tempo.” A stage combat expert, Scott does double-duty as “fight captain” for the play helping the other actors slip, trip, punch, wrestle and fall to great comedic effect. Scott holds an MFA in directing from the University of Idaho and has been a theatre instructor at SFCC and Gonzaga University. P.S. Scott speaks Star Trek “Klingon” and is a master of Myst, the popular video game that originated in Spokane.

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