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Spotlight August 22

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


You’d never know it to look at her, but TRISTEN CANFIELD knows her way around a drum sander. After sanding her floors to renewed beauty, the new homeowner just tiled her bathroom tub surround. So, how does the do-it-yourself actress feel about creating her See How They Run character? “Miss Skillon is such a busybody! She's an utter pill,” laughs Tristen. “This is exciting because I so rarely get to play myself on stage!” (just kidding) Tristen has worked with many of the region’s theatres and, most recently, appeared in the 31st Playwrights’ Forum Festival. “If you haven't seen the Playwrights' Forum Festival at Spokane Civic Theatre every year, you should probably start,” she says.” It is always the highlight of my summer!” An award-winning playwright herself, Tristen’s play, The Window, was featured during PLAYZAPALOOZA at the Santa Paula Theatre Center in California last spring.


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