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Spotlight August 28


As Fate or the acting gods would have it, ABBY CONSTABLE and her character, Penelope Toop, have some significant things in common! “We’re both American actresses,” chuckles Abby. “We also have similar backgrounds; my family is from England and Wales, but I grew up in America after they moved to Spokane in 1992. In fact, the Welsh town mentioned in the play, Merthyr Tydfil, is the town where my mother grew up, so I have visited places Penelope would have visited.” Abby is a popular local actress and, most recently, appeared in And Then There Were None at Stage Left and Ignite's production of Bloody Murder. So, how has she found playing Penelope in this production? “It has been a fun challenge to balance the verbal and physical comedy of Penelope,” Abby notes. “She is just so outrageous and over the top, so it's been a real delight playing her. See How They Run is one of the most cohesive shows I have ever been in. There's such a great chemistry between the cast and crew that really shines through the performance.”


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