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Spotlight August 31


For a man who took on the serious and strenuous challenge of running/walking 155 miles around the Gobi Desert in China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan (in six days!), OLIVIER MORATIN certainly appreciates a good comedy. The Madagascar-born actor says, “I love doing some comedy. I haven't done much so it's good to do a play that's pretty hilarious. The challenge is in the British dialect.” So, how does his character, the Rev. Lionel Toop, differ from himself? “Lionel is a bit of a dreamer, I think. He may be in his head a little too much at times,” Olivier says. “He cares too much about what other people say about him.”

A voice over artist, Olivier worked on the movie Iron Man 2 (“I still get checks!”) and he once taught a famous TV actress how to speak French. Of his See How They Run experience, Olivier enthuses, “Great cast and director! I'm super appreciative of Karen's (Brathovde) sense of organization and professionalism. She has been ‘re-igniting’ my passion for acting.”


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