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Spotlight - September 7


Iowa-born JOE SMEADER gets to portray The Intruder, a ‘tough guy’ in See How They Run. What are the differences or similarities between actor and character? “The Intruder is a wild guy. He's a little hectic and a little crazy,” says Joe. “This is the first character I've had to play with a Russian dialect! He’s also determined to get what he wants which could be used to describe me.” Joe received a BA in Theatre from Grand View University (“Go Vikings!”), and he has played the gamut of roles such as Judge Stanchford R. Pearson in The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge at Spokane Civic Theatre and, more recently, The Porter in Ignite’s hilarious Bottoms Up! An avid video game player, Joe also writes fanfiction in his free time. When asked about See How They Run, Joe says, “There's no doubt in my mind that this is certainly a show that will bring the house down and every person is perfect for the role they were assigned. If you're looking for entertainment, look no further than this show!”


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