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Good-bye to a Dear Friend

Bob Gariepy, a longtime volunteer on stage, backstage, and in the lobby with Ignite passed away on October 19th.  He will always be a part of the Ignite! family. His love of and enthusiasm for live theater has always been an inspiration to our patrons and those of us who, by comparison to his incredible and wonderful experience, are just getting started. Theater requires passion, and Bob had always displayed and been willing to share that. It is impossible to adequately express our gratitude for his partnering with us in this sometimes crazy journey. We will always endeavor to live up to the excellence he encouraged us towards. Although it is much too small a word it is given with all our hearts - thank you and may you rest in peace.

The Ignite! Community Theatre Board of Directors

To the Treasured Friends and Patrons of                         
Ignite! Community Theatre

We are honored and humbled to have been the beneficiaries of your loyalty and support over the last fifteen years!  And we are proud to have begun to be recognized as the theater of Spokane Valley.  For the last eight years we have been able to call our space in the Spokane Valley Partners Building home.  And thanks to your generous support we have been able to provide high quality live theater.  And we are weathering our current health crisis well enough to be anxious and excited to bring you that same wonderful live theater as soon as we can.


Unfortunately, situations change and we find ourselves facing an even more challenging future.  In the last few years Spokane Valley Partners has been growing in their programs and in their mission to provide support for the needy in our community.  Their growth will require more space and the only space available to them is the space Ignite! currently occupies.  So we have been informed we will need to vacate by June 30, 2021.  We are now forced to find a new home for Ignite!  As you can imagine, this news is overwhelming.  So we wanted to reach out to you, first of all, to let you know what our situation is.  And secondly, to ask you to consider any way in which you might be able to help us in our time of need.  We would appreciate any insights you might have on a potential property that might be appropriate for our relocation or any contacts you might have for us that would aid us in finding that place.  We have formed a search committee to begin this effort immediately so any input from you would be most welcome.  Also, we will certainly be in need of financial help.  This endeavor will not be easy or inexpensive.  Your support, as always, is appreciated.


We will keep you informed of any progress as it happens.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me at the email below.  Keep us in your thoughts.  As always, and in this time particularly, it takes a community to ignite a theater.  And we are so thankful that you have chosen to be a part of our community! 



Dan Griffith

President, Ignite! Board of Directors



Announcing the 16th Season

The Board of Directors at Ignite! Community Theatre are happy to announce the shows selected for the 2020-2021 16th season.  This upcoming season is filled with drama/comedies sure to grip your heart and tickle your ribs. Watch the website for updates with show dates and directors. Production dates have yet to be announced.

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As we await the opportunity to open safely, the Ignite! Board of Directors would like you to consider the following:

The tragic death of George Floyd reminds us that we must, as individuals and as citizens of the United States, be part of the conversation for change of systemic racial inequality.  We at Ignite! Community Theatre would like to suggest the following as a start:   In October of 2015 we were proud to present in our Booklight Readers Theater the play To Kill a Mockingbird by Christopher Sergel based on the novel by Harper Lee.   We recommend that you read this excellent play or the Pulitzer Prize-winning book.  As a follow-up, watch the Academy Award-winning movie starring Gregory Peck. This story is an eloquent, powerful, and searing condemnation of what we, as a society, have too often accepted and taken for granted and is worth your review. We must do and be better.


Our 15th Season Lineup

We’re lighting the candles on our 15th birthday cake and giving you a season that is hot, hot, hot!

We’ll be sizzling in September with secrets, suspense, scandal, and blistering laughter!

September 13-29, 2019 – Footlight
See How They Run by Philip King

October will steam up with romance, danger and intrigue as we take you on the Marrakesh Express.

October 18-20, 2019 – Booklight Readers Theatre 

Lux Radio Theatre’s Casablanca 

In November, we’ll introduce you to three heartwarming widows who’ll keep the tea and the laughter boiling over. 

November 8-24, 2019 – Footlight
The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell

Join us in January for scalding Victorian satire in a  hilarious comedy of manners and marriage.

January 17-19, 2020 – Booklight Readers Theatre
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

February is freezing, so it’s time to grab a date and warm up with a slow cooking romance of two feisty retirees.

February 14-March 1, 2020 – Footlight
Fireflies by Matthew Barber


March is mystery month. Come play the sleuth and become embroiled in an Agatha Christie play full of suspects.

March 20-22, 2020 – Booklight Readers Theatre
The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie


April brings a searing World War II drama about a father under fire for years of lies and a family fracturing from denial.
April 10-26, 2020 – Footlight
All My Sons by Arthur Miller


We close out our 15th Birthday Season with a birthday party and a hilarious ghost whose quest for a peaceful hereafter will light up the theatre with laughter!

June 12-28, 2020 – Footlight
Mom’s Gift by Phil Olson



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