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Postponed - "The Unexpected Guest"

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

By Agatha Christie

March 20 - 22, 2020

March is mystery month. Come play the sleuth and become embroiled in an Agatha Christie play so full of suspects you be sweating the arrival of The Unexpected Guest. (Booklight production)

Tickets are $5.00 at the door only.

Lost in the fog, a stranger seeks refuge in a nearby house only to find a man shot dead and his wife standing over him with a smoking gun. But the woman’s dazed confession is anything but convincing, and the unexpected guest decides to help. Remarkably, the police clues point to a man who died two years previously, but as the ghosts of a past wrong begin to emerge, a tangled web of lies reveals family secrets and chilling motives, where the real murderer turns out to be the greatest mystery of all.

Suggested audience: Adults and Teens

Cautions: None

The cast:

Laura Warwick - Abby Constable Michael Starkwedder - Scott Doughty Miss Bennett - Maria Stromberg* Jan Warwick - Jacob Carruthers Mrs. Warwick - Meri Horn Henry Angelo - Christopher Lamb Sergeant Cadwallader - Patrick Cabbage* Inspector Thomas - George Morrison Julian Farrar - Dean Bethmann Narrator - Jauna Cabbage*

* first time at Ignite


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