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Lux Radio Theatre's Casablanca

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Director Pamela Kingsley is looking for 10 men and 5 women, ages 18-80. Auditions will be September 23-24 at 6:30 pm.

If you love a limited rehearsal schedule, a short, sweet run. and the chance to play classic characters, climb aboard the Marrakesh Express! It’s going to be so much fun!

We’ll re-create the 1944 Lux Radio presentation of one of Hollywood’s greatest movies

complete with Foley table! The Magic of Radio . . . The Magic of the Movies . . . The Magic of Morocco.

Premiering January 24, 1944, Lux Radio Theatre's production of Casablanca brought the story of Rick's Cafe and Victor Lazlo's beautiful wife to the airwaves. Ignite! is excited to bring this classic story to the stage, complete with sound effects and throwback commercials on October 18-20, 2019.

Casablanca is a story of love and hate with a background of adventure and sudden death. As the Nazi lash descended upon Europe hoards of refugees fled to the sanctuary of Casablanca in North Africa. Victor Laszlo, Leader of the underground had escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazis were after him. He arrives in Casablanca to pay a fabulous price for exit papers to Lisbon, which he was to obtain from Rick Blaine who owns the hottest nightspot in Casablanca. However, Laszlo's beautiful wife Ilsa turns out to be the woman whom Rick had loved who had walked out suddenly on him with no explanation. As they meet again, Rick and Ilsa cannot deny their love remains. With pressure from the Nazis and local officials, the three have to make some difficult decisions.

Tickets are $5 at the door and complimentary for season ticket holders.

Suggested audience: Adults and Teens

Cautions: None


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